Biba suffers from ectodermal dysplasia, a rare disorder characterized
by extremely dry skin and great resistance to electric power. Summer
is Biba’s nightmare. He doesn’t sweat because of the lack of sweat
glands and two layers of skin that ordinary people have. Therefore, he
is forced to use outside sources to reduce temperature (he wears wet
t-shirts etc.).

Biba is resistant to high voltage. He can form an electric circuit
with other people in it and discharge electricity by controlling its
voltage. He doesn’t eat meat and fish, he’s never read a book in his
life, but claims he possesses the knowledge bigger than any book can
offer. He believes his life on this planet is a punishment.
Biba entered The Guinness Book of Records two times: in 1981 he
touched more than a thousand volts and in 2003 he heated water up to
97 degrees in one minute and 37 seconds.

A number of international networks have reported about him. His last
public performance was in Rio at TV Globo, the most popular TV network
in Brazil, where he performed live in a show watched by more than 30
million people.