The jury of the fifth Beldocs festival presented the best Serbian documentary award equally to Dusan Cavic and Dusan Saponja for “Battery Man” and Srdjan Keca for “A Letter to Father”,

“Battery Man” is funny and frank portrait of a man and his phenomenon, the man’s powers, aspirations and weaknesses. Intriguing, discreet in observation, sensitive to human urges, sometimes manipulative, but always amusing, this film celebrates the little man in everyone of us and great power of human pursuits. With sophisticated nerve for documentary genre, the film takes all it’s cinematographic aspects to a high level, offering itself to the audience as a feast to the eyes and ears, proving that documentary movie can be a cinema attraction, says the jury’s explanation.

After the successful world premiere and the best Serbian movie award at Beldocs festival, “Battery Man” opens at cinemas from 10th May 2012.

The project for the film was developed at Documentary Campus 2009. In addition to the investment of Serbian Film Center, The Ministry of Culture and City of Belgrade, film was supported by five international televisions, of which the two are national public services – Austrian ORF and Danish DR TV, but also Swedish educational program UR and Canadian networks TV Ontario and TV Knowledge.