One of the first things we learn as children is not to put our fingers
in a power socket. What would your life look like if you found out
electricity could not harm you?

Biba Struja (Electrical Biba) is capable of conducting electricity and
he can consciously control its power while discharging it. Thanks to
the powers he discovered by accident as a teenager, this
fifty-four-year-old man has spent his entire life experimenting with
electricity and proving to himself and others that electricity can not
harm him.

Today, Electric Biba supports himself and his family by using his
powers all over Serbia to “cure people with electricity”. The central
story of the movie is Biba’s attempt to discover what exactly happens
in his body, but also to enter Guinness Book of Records for the third
time. He will try to touch electricity voltage of one million volts.
Is it possible and how does it work? Meet a man whose life was changed
by electricity.

Sound design by Milan Mihajlović
Music by Anja Đorđević
Edited by Đorđe Marković
Director of photography Damjan Radovanović
Produced by Snežana Penev
Screenplay and directed by Dušan Šaponja & Dušan Čavić